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Cut for spoilers

Cut for spoilers

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Jennifer Check: by hp_chloe
Sylar marries Barbara? Hmmmm. Interesting. I guess she's just as career/politically motivated as her sister Tracie. She did come off as pretty confident and femme fatale when she confronted the former security guy in the end. But, still. Seeing as how Sylar has all of Nathan's memories and persona, you'd think he'd be beware of her form after all the conflicts following his trysts with both Niki and Tracie.

Does anybody think the two are wed in the future? Or was the real first lady Tracie and the future we have seen altered by her death?
  • Since everybody on Heroes this season (with the exception of Sylar) has only one power, I never really considered what would happen if Peter touched someone who had more than one power (Sylar). Wasn't sure if he'd get all of his powers of just the one he was using at the time (assuming he wasn't using more than one simultaneously).

    I remember there were times when Claire would be cut and the blood would flow back into her wound when she healed. But, I guess if Peter got injured before he got the power to regenerate the residue might still be on his skin. I think he still had blood on him after he regenerated in "Homecoming". I wish they had shown him use more than one power so we could be sure.

    As for him having Sylar's craving: Who knows where there gonna go with that. Logically, it was gonna happen anyway because we all knew Peter would, eventually, get all his powers back. But, the writers might just forget about it like they've done other factors on this show. I guess we'll see.
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