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with great power comes many questions

with great power comes many questions

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with great power
What powers have you not seen on Heroes that you would like to?
  • They'll never do this, so I feel no fear in letting the idea get out there:

    I would love to see a character who is, in effect, John Carpenter's The Thing.

    To give you a Heroes-universe explanation, a disease that ate a Sylar-like character. The Disease would feed on healthy tissue by splitting it's body... sort of the way Beetlejuice did with his face when asked, "Can you be scary?" The creature splits apart, surrounds the victim in tentacle-like intestines and organs and cocoons the victim, and then absorbs it... effectively the cannibal I thought Sylar was once.

    And then slowly over the course of a few hours, the victim begins emerging as the older tissue dies away and is discarded, until the creature thinks it *is* the last victim.

    That, to my mind, would be something scary enough to make Sylar run the other way. He couldn't kill without using a method that could possible kill himself (like burning or acid). And would give Sylar an excuse for another heroic turn.
  • Forcefields would be cool... And might give some protection against Sylar and his head cutting thing... Though he could probably still just absorb the power...

    The ability to transform your skin into something else, like rock or steel would be a pretty neat trick as well...

    And some kind of earth control would be neat... Not only moving earth but shaping it into useful objects (or fists or spears)...
    • could probably still just absorb the power
      probably not. that bit with Elle was a fluke. it's not something he could probably do with anyone else because he's unwilling to open himself emotionally with jsut anybody...

      ...although, thinking he's Nathan now might change that.

      There was a guy who could change his arm into steel the chapter before last.
      • Didn't he use the 'emapthy' ability to absorb powers with both the shapechanger and Nathan (since he flew into the hotel room after throwing Nathan through the window)?
        • Nah, he got the power the old fashioned way with the shifter, just didn't go through the front so it wouldn't look like he killed him. He also didn't get Nathan's power, Sylar can sorta fly using his TK.
  • Heat Vision or X-Ray vision would be nice.
  • A character who can assume, mantain and control a gaseous form.

    Sylar comes up to them to steal their power (the whole head cutty open thing), and the potential victim turns to gas, rushes at Sylar, and gets inhaled, cutting off the flow of oxygen to Sylar's lungs.

    That lasts for about 30 or 40 seconds of Sylar rolling around on the ground, choking, when the gas exits him, says "Don't try that again, or I will kill you." and leaves.

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