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9th Wonders!

Sylar's gone wonky

Sylar's gone wonky

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clobbering time
9:45 AM 4/22/09 · While I'm still having a few issues wrapping my mind around it, due that bit where Peter went into the future last chapter and the abilities displayed there would indicate otherwise, it seems to be a consensus feeling that Sylar lost a large chink of the powers he had while infected with the Shanti Virus. That other than his original ability and the telekinesis, he only has the powers and abilities he's gained since he was cured with Mohinder's blood.

I don't have it handy now but there was a link to a section of Wikipedia about this.

Suppose it could be true but it doesn't much matter at the moment. Let's just address one if his newest powers; shapeshifting. I was a little fuzzy on how this worked out, and there's still a few kinks to work out about it, but basically Sylar can now make himself look like anyone he's seen. Male or female apparently, taller or shorter than himself; what fun. With stuff I saw in the previous episode I was working under the impression he had to make physical contact with someone to take their shape, accounting for how he knew that hunter guy had a mole somewhere that wasn't visibly available and also how he was able to imitate the voices of others...but I've kinda shaken that. Seeing as how he took Nathan's form and voice and they've never touched since he had the power. Same could be said for Sylar's mother...

...I somehow doubt the ability would allow him to take the form of anyone he touched in his entire life.

However, the nature of this ability goes a long way to explaining how he survived getting stabbed in the back of his head. A number of the quirks he took on with this ability, along with the identity crisis his own unstable psyche had a means to express itself with, was that he kept retaining aspects of the other shapes he'd taken on. An eye color, waking up in a different form when he slept, the extra tooth...which can be put just to this one thing about how he's never much liked himself and his subconcious is accessing the power.

Also that whole arguing with himself thing that Micah witnessed.

Whether he did it conciously or subconciously, I believe Sylar moved that fatal spot in his head to a safer location. I'd like to think he moved it on purpose but there's another possiblity. Among a number of fandoms there are what I'd term adapative shapeshifters. Even when not awake and suddenly shoved into a large body of water they automaitcally shift to grow gills to prevent themselves from drowning. A more extreme version of this would be one of the newer mutants in the X·Men series named Darwin.

I'd suggest that Sylar might've gone down from being stabbed in the head but the power shifted the location of that sweet spot elsewhere while the regenerating ability fixed the damage. I find it highly unlikely that so effective a killer as that guy, can never remember his name, would've missed.

On a random note, there's 2 last little things I'd like to share.

1) The fact Sylar can shift himself isn't so much a thing as the fact he can apparently also shift the clothes he's wearing. I can't figure that one for the life of me, it makes no sense.

2) Also, I tend to interact with the stuff I watch quite a bit, basically inserting a customized character of my own into things as I watch them. At the very start of the whole series I made a character with the mislballed 'empath' ability and kept him active all this time. So, with the shapeshifting ability, hanging with the Petrelli's, this kinda popped into my head this past Monday:

Claire: How does Sylar do that?
Me: You really wanna know?
Claire: Yeah.
Me: Kinda like this *changes form to match Claire's*
Claire: *blinks* Wow...I'm impressed!
Me: *peeking down my shirt at my new rack* Me too!
Claire: Hey!
  • I believe he says that all he needs is some DNA, not to actually touch the person, which is why he requested the evidence from his mother's murder (after he snuggled her bloody sweater he started shifting into her) and broke into Nathan's office and thumbed the travel toothbrush.
    • I thought this as well, with his finding Nathan's travel toothbrush... And he said he switches DNA and it's scrambling him up....

      That said, I'm confused by his ability to change his clothing when he shapeshifts.... I wouldn't think the power gave him that ability (and I think it was just in this last episode that it started happening -he was still dressed like Mrs. Bennet after he resumed his normal form, following the Noah mind job)....

      I must have missed him getting the evidence from his mother's murder... I wasn't sure how he was copying her... I just assumed that having half of her chromosomes naturally was enough for him to mimic her (and probably his father too)... but this makes more sense...
    • I thought it was revealed this season that both the watchmaker and the snowglobe collector weren't his biological parents.
      • You are completely correct... That point slipped my tiny, little -- Oooh! Look! Easter candy...
      • They're not but they're still the only parents he's known. He learned his actual father (who has the same original power he did) killed his mother and met the guy too.
        • I know

          What I was getting at was that since Snowglobe Lady wasn't Sylar's biological they don't share any of the same chromosomes.
    • Yeah I don't get or like the clothing thing. I often yell, "Be consistent, damn it!" at the TV while watching Heroes.
  • My thought was that shapeshifting is controlled by a different part of the brain than the regenerative ability - so now if the regeneration spot gets hit, the shapeshifting spot can move things around to fix it, and vice versa. So now you'd have to get him in both spots at once to kill him.
    • I'm wondering if he's grown a second sweet spot, since he's grown a new tooth... You may have to take out 2 or more spots simultaneously...

      Or maybe Danko just missed...
      • Danko being the ruthless killer he is...seems unlikely he'd miss. Probabl;y been thinking of planting something there since he and Sylar started conspiring together.
    • Not so much. All their powers are localized in one section of the brain, doesn't matter which power it is.
      • Where did we learn this? There's been so much biobabble about it being adrenaline, no maybe not, blah blah blah that I can't keep it straight. (And note that the pituitary gland, where adrenaline is produced, is NOT in the brain stem.)
      • I assumed that 'proof' of this was in the Hatian's power... He somehow applies pressure to the brain to stop powers from working and to remove memories....
        If everyone's powers came from the same place in the brain, he'd only need to put pressure on that instead of fumbling around in there removing memories, causing blindness, and inducing epileptic seizures...

        But as I said, it's 'proof' in that they never really discussed how his power shut off works... And they haven't gone back to it since the first season...
        There's also 'evidence' to contradict this in that Arthur Patrelli was 'resisting' the Hatian's power... And it seems unlikely that he'd be able to releave pressure (or exert an opposite pressure) on his own brain...
      • Where did we learn this?
        1st chapter, Mohinder's father and then Mohinder, flashbacks with the father speaking to Sylar explained in greater detail

        Adrenaline was Mohinder's mistaken theory, hence why his initial powers were causing him so much issues.
  • On the first note-- the answer is 'lazy writers'. I don't think that's a sin Bryan Fuller would commit. It's a mistake made by a writer who perhaps doesn't invest enough thought into sci-fi plots and doesn't breathe in the same skin as his characters.
  • Sylar said the sweet spot in his head was 'microscopic.' It think it'd be pretty easy to miss something like that with a knife (as opposed to, say, a shotgun).
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