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9th Wonders!

Uh, what?

Uh, what?

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Red Cap
So why the hell didn't they just use Claire's blood to bring Nathan back to life?!?
And putting Sylar in that position? Will they never learn?!?
  • In their defense, if you are in a situation and completely panicked and emotional you might not necessarily think of all the possible alternatives and what you could do, but instead you work with what you have in front of you and Angela was completely and utterly positive that it had to be Matt that saved Nathan she wouldn't even consider any other option. Though they will most definitely be regretting that decision in the future, but it would be nice if the writers actually showed in the future how Angela and Noah realize that they acted rashly and without much thought and that they now realize they could have just used Claire to save Nathan and have been done with Sylar once and for all. But, I personally love Sylar so I am glad they took this route instead.
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