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9th Wonders!

Cut for spoilers

Cut for spoilers

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Jennifer Check: by hp_chloe
Sylar marries Barbara? Hmmmm. Interesting. I guess she's just as career/politically motivated as her sister Tracie. She did come off as pretty confident and femme fatale when she confronted the former security guy in the end. But, still. Seeing as how Sylar has all of Nathan's memories and persona, you'd think he'd be beware of her form after all the conflicts following his trysts with both Niki and Tracie.

Does anybody think the two are wed in the future? Or was the real first lady Tracie and the future we have seen altered by her death?
  • I definitely think that Barbara is the future wife and that Sylar ends up being the future Nathan. I was impressed at how well they tied this season into that.

    • I agree with you on both accounts. I also find it interesting how they can keep bringing Ali Larter back (she's been four characters already) and still keep it fresh.

      Perhaps her watery confrontation at the end is part of some plot she has to worm her way into the White House, which (of course) will eventually result in her crossing paths with Nathan/Sylar.
      • I agree that I think they will work Barbara into the white house in some way and the future with her and Nathan/Sylar will come to pass. I am also glad that Peter has his powers back, since he also had them all in the future.
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