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9th Wonders!

a compass will point the way...

a compass will point the way...

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Zoom - gotta be quick
...the new roommate is so clearly a stalker!

7:39 PM 9/22/09 · When Heroes first came out I joined about 6 or 7 communities pertaining to it. Since the end of the second chapter, interest in the series has dwindled down to just the most die hard of fans, like myself, and most of those communities are now dead.

I'm only a member of one of those now, the best in my opinion, and I'm hoping activity kicks back into gear with this new chapter.

Questions: Do you still watch Heroes? What did you think of the season opener that came on Monday?
  • I'm wondering if Gretchen is the roommate's killer... She's the stalker type, recognized Claire from the carnage in Odessa, was super interested in befriending Claire, and had no problem sitting on the roommate's bed after her death...

    I've stuck with Heroes this long, but I'm close to the end of my rope... I'm giving them this season to redeam themselves before I quit... I can't deal with all the stupid decision people are making...
    That said, I did like this episode... I like the new characters, though it may just be my love of carnies... I find them immedeately interesting, unlike the new characters they introduced in season 2...
    And I'm glad Zachary Quino didn't leave the show in favor of StarTrek...
  • I dug this episode.
    It had its questionable moments...I really think Sylar could just bust out of the Nathan-mindtrick without Parkman having to go through all this crap (not as in he actually could, but as in, the writers could have made it so)...I mean, really, he's been dumped on more than a lot of the characters in terms of mental and emotional stuff he has to deal with. But maybe that's just the nature of his power.

    I'll still be watching.
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