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Heroes walk amongst us.

Heroes walk amongst us.
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This is a community for discussion regarding NBC's new show, HEROES, whether it's theories or casting or anything. Pictures are welcome, but this is not a pic-spamming community, nor is it a news community. It's to talk about the world of Heroes, and its gifted characters. This community is run by two people that are pretty pumped with the show, and we'll probably be pouring over each episode with a fine-tooth comb (right after we're through doing that with Lost, mind you). This community is less about Ali Larter being so damn hot and more about "What's the big conspiracy and how did they truly get their powers?" Everyone is welcome, just try to stay on topic. One major rule that I'll put out there is that community publicity isn't allowed, UNLESS it's attached to a relevant post.

This is a friendly community, so no flaming. If someone has a new theory that you don't agree with, there's no reason to e-h8 on them, or ask if they were dropped on their head as a child. (Maybe they were. Do you think they'll feel comfortable talking about it? No.)

As this community is based around theory discussion, it should be noted that this will probably be a spoiler-heavy zone. If you're worried that someone might be upset by something you write, put it behind a cut, and say MAJOR SPOILER. Also, for any images larger that 500px x 500px, use an lj-cut. For the most part, though, be aware that when you're reading this community, you're reading posts by people who are up to date on the show, and that most things you read will be spoilers if you aren't caught up.

Any questions, concerns, or ideas, please contact ckirkman or liz007.

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